Sunday, 1 July 2012

Ninkypoop and the bumcheeks

So today's is just a quick one as it's BIG CLEAN Sunday .... well, the last Sunday in the month is when I TRY to clean the whole house, but as per usual have had more interruptions than I have fingers and toes ... hehehe.

But today I couldn't help but laugh as I passed my son's bedroom door with a pile of ironing-yet-to-do in each arm and a pile of folded towels on my head, a duster hanging from my back pocket and a bottle of bleach wedged down my waistband gangsta stylee ...  My son and daughter had abandoned their game of Ancient Egyptians Battle LEGO Pirate Cowboys. They were lying on the floor playing a game of "when I went to the moon". Which for those of you who don't know it's a memory game a bit like "shopping basket" ....  "When I went to the moon I saw - and here's where you take it in turns to add another item... and so on and so on until the loser forgets something. Well, we'd gone the whole gamut of quite rude stuff (well, what they consider rude - they collapsed in total hysterical mirth when I shouted up the stairs "BLUE KNICKERS" as my turn ...... )

But I digress, they were laying on the floor half playing the game and half discussing what is funny. And apparently "Ninkypoop" (rather than the more traditional nicompoop) is the funniest word in the universe ..... so funny in fact that they couldn't actually SAY the word for laughing.

Bumcheeks is SO last season. Ninkypoop is the new black. 


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