Monday, 25 June 2012

Peppa PIG oink oink

Wow. It's Monday again already!

I had a really great weekend. Visitors, laughter, good food and a horrendously late night followed by a spot of patriotism. Which is rare for me. haha

I went with my friend and her little girl to see the Olympic torch pass by. (Which is really a last-in-this-lifetime opportunity for me if the moaners are to be believed. Ho-hum. Can't say it bothers me one way or the other.) What I wasn't expecting was to try and get myself arrested by swallowing at the wrong time (which sounds MUCH worse than it was, ooo-er) ..... eeeek!!! Standing at the roadside I was enjoying the shameless advertising of various decorated buses driving by (it's just NOT an event without a Coca-Cola bus!!!!) and the local police were being cheery and riding slowly on their motorbikes high-fiving excited children. One police officer spotted a very large Peppa Pig mascot and stopped in front of me and asked "is that Peppa Pig I see over there?"

You can imagine my horror when I blurted out "Yes!! It's the one and only Peppa ........ (insert horrid pause for choking on something invisible) PIG!!!!!!!!"

His face dropped. As did my heart. Into my feet. What do you do in that kind of situation? I meant no harm at all ... so I faked a coughing fit, turning his look of horror to one of concern .... job done!!

I was so flustered I almost didn't film the torch bearer .... hahaha.

The moral of this story children? Sometimes it's ok to lie to policemen .....



  1. Ha ha! Good recovery! It reminds me of the time I met Princess Anne (through work, not the amassing of glittering awards). After already saying 'pardon' once and still not understanding the question, embarrassed I plumped for 'yes'. I still do not know what the question was but judging by the look of disgust on her face, the answer was clearly 'no'.
    Great blog. Following now.

  2. HAHAHAHA!!!!

    Glad I'm not the only one - altho yours DOES beat mine in the top trumps of inadvertant gaffes.