Friday, 22 June 2012

Avarice in Wonderland

So today is my day off.

I am wrapped in a fleece, with the fire on while a storm rages outside that sounds like it may just shake the house to pieces and extract me, shrieking in my fleece coccoon, to a land where flying houses are fantastic witch deterrants.

I have gently steamed in a vast bubbly bath, with no cries of "mum ..can I (insert verious non-vital requests here)"

I have watched the yummy Zach and his cohorts frighten themselves silly in the dark. I have posted several bad taste music videos onto my FB account. I have consumed "no-one to "share" with" crisps, cookies and drank enough tea to fill a small paddling pool. (Altho it looks like the rain could have taken care of the pool today) I have displayed my prolific use of the dreaded "eff word" for all the world to see .... lol. And all from the New Improved Mum-Ra Ass Groove on the sofa.

I have studiously ignored the washing, ironing, dirty dishes, hoovering that taunt me on a daily basis. I am deaf to their miserable utterings. lol

For today, Matthew, one is indulging in self indulgence of the most indulgent kind. Today, I am Avarice in Wonderland, where the currency is Me-time and the profit is measured in slobbery!!!

And just for once, just for THIS once I DON'T feel guilty. So sue me .... hehe



  1. I do this almost every day and still don't feel guilty. :)