Thursday, 14 June 2012

Fax-olotl and the worm farm

The kids started pester power in earnest about 2 years ago wanting pets. Dogs, cats, fish, rabbits .... anything would do just as long as it came under the title "pet" ....

So we started the trips to the nearest chain of pet stores, coo-ing over bunnies and chinchillas. Whch are fine and cute and cuddly and all that. But they stink. Really, really stink to me.

(I guess this is the time that I should confess that I sniff things. A lot. An olfactory obsession if you will. I have been likened to a dog for my sense of smell before. Altho unlike dogs I draw the line at butt-sniffing. haha. I walk into someone's home and discreetly SMELL it. I sniff babies, animals, soft furnishings, food, people, the air, anything that can hold an odour and I will have a smell of it. Matchbox strike strips, the petrol station and the paper you used to get in the top of a packet of cigs are my most interesting smells. And I don't even smoke or have enough money to fill my car!! hahahaha. No wonder they keep chasing me away from the petrol station forecourt - "Bob, get security - she's at it again" hahahahaha.)

I can smell the sugary difference between coke and diet coke and so it's easy for me to tell who's coffee is who's ...."sniff" .... lol.

Anyhoo, I digress. So we decided on fish. But I thought them too dull. So I rescued an Axolotl - which is a cool amphibian that looks like a cross between a lizard and a moose - from Freecycle (a great little site where people give away their stuff for free). We brought him home, cleaned up the tank, added some Axy friendly stuff, and that was that. Once he stopped sulking at being brought home he just fits right in and has become a cool little addition to our family. HE walks on his back legs, balances on his tail for food, watches TV and stares at me for hours on an evening. lol No-one else we know has one so the kids have got "instant cool". hahahaha

The big draw back? He eats fresh worms, so I had to buy a wormery AND IT STINKS!!!!!!


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