Thursday, 14 June 2012

Run Mum-Ra, Run!

On the way to school this morning I had to RUN!!!! Like a Diva once famously "didn't do stairs" I don't do running. It's ungainly, I'm invariably wearing the wrong shoes and well, let's face it I look simply wrong doing it. ;)

Luckily this morning I was feeling pretty swanky sporting my new split toe trainers that I've been after for AGES and I got for a song! (yes!!)

My son ran around a corner at the end of which there is a bit of road that while I admit is not busy, it's a haven for late-for-school run mums in huge cars that they can't park who have their heads up their arses to boot .... so I flew to catch up with him thinking the worst and swearing under my breath .... I hurdled one small child who had no idea to GET OUT OF THE WAY(!!!!!) startled two girls talking about Will I Am and almost vaulted a closed gate (and all to imaginary Mission Impossible music) to find him nonchalantly waiting on the corner a safe 3 feet from the road waiting carefully ...... good boy! 

(little git) hahahahahahaha


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