Friday, 8 June 2012

More than a Milk-Maid

Well, I answered the door at teatime to the young guy who collects the milk money.

(Yep, I am unapologetically old fashioned and I still love my daily pinta!!! lol. I have to do a "top -up" milk shop at least once a week, tho, haha. Several pints in a soulless plastic mini-jerry can is cheaper. I just cant let go of daily glass on my doorstep.)

So he says to my chest "milk, love ..."

I asked him how much I owe him this week and he basically gave my boobs the bill. Erm ... I'm up here, HELLO???? By this time I was dying to laugh and couldn't decide whether to be cross or flattered by his sheer inability to drag his eyes northward.(I must be at LEAST 15 years older, lol)

I felt like a complete wally when I realised I had forgotten the kids were decorating me with Star Wars stickers earlier in the day ...... D'OH!!!!!!!!

He was admiring my R2D2's ...............


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