Monday, 11 June 2012

Kith and Kindle ... ;)

So, today I went to meet a new friend. She's clever and very funny. And she's got a Kindle. (sounds like bloody Charlie and Lola, hehe)

I've been resisting the Kindle. Vehemently. As far as I'm concerned books should be slightly fusty and smell funny and yellow with age and not bother if you drop them in the bath. Or down the stairs. I like old books, and wrinkly second hand books, and shelves FULL of books. And kids books with massive covers that cover your legs when you read them. I'm in the minority, sadly. My darling daughter saw a consumer report on e-readers and has been dropping hints ever since ...

 "oh, my book is SO heavy ...... " cue 'the big eyes' ....  "I've bent the page in this book ...." cue 'the big eyes' 

And today I succumbed and used my last pennies on a bloody kindle. All because I mentioned someone said how good they were ... and suddenly the WHOLE family started dropping kindle related hints ... cue more 'big eyes' than an Anime festival ..... .

So I give in. They can have a Kindle. I'm off for a bath. With my book. ;)

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  1. Lol, welcome to the fold. My Kindle serves me well, though I still pick up the odd book. You can buy sealed plastic bags to put your Kindle in and not worry about dropping them in the bath.


    Noticed the improved contrast on that post, thanks for that :)